Spring 2023 Season Updates

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Here are a few updates regarding our Spring 2023 season that we discussed during our league meeting on January 18th.

  1. We are eliminating the playing time requirement for the following divisions for the spring only (we will re-evaluate in May and see if these changes should be made permanent (4th girls athletic, 5th/6th girls athletic, 5th/6th boys rec, 6th girls rec, 7th/8th girls and boys rec, High School girls).  This means that 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls rec still need to abide by existing playing time rules.  The rules document will be updated to reflect this change before the beginning of the spring season.
  2. Both teams will continue to provide their own volleyballs for warmup.  If you are the visiting team, please make sure you have all of your volleyballs before you leave the gym.
  3. Please make sure that ALL teams have a scorebook and use them during the game.  Teams not have scorebooks in the past has led to some contentious encounters which could be easily avoided if both teams kept a book.
  4. The boys divisions are alive and well and continue to grow.
  5. Referee fees have been increased to $15 per team per game.  There is a referee shortage and we need to do everything we can to incentivize referees to work our matches.