What Does the Delay Mean?

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Unfortunately we had to communicate to everyone today (March 12th) that we will be delaying the start of the season until April 17th. We hope that we can play a four week (8 match per team) season followed by a season ending tournament on May 15th/16th but that will depend on a variety of factors beyond our control. Here are a few things that we do know at this time:

  1. Team registration is still closed at end of day March 12th.  If you registered a team that does not want to play a 4 week season, then please let us know ASAP.
  2. We will assign teams to pod and approve them this weekend so they will show up on the Standings page in hopes that we can play this spring.
  3. Rosters and Liability Waivers will now be due on April 10th instead of March 27th
  4. Scheduling will not begin until March 27th.
  5. The price per team will remain at $85.  While we are now planning on 8 matches intead of 10, the scheduling just got alot more difficult.  If we have to reduce the number of matches to less than 8, then we will consider a price decrease.
  6. We will need more gym time from you during the last 4 weeks of the season to schedule 8 matches.  Some organizations have already provided us with plenty but some, not so much.  Thank you.